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Are those Kale trees?


Another glorious summer has come and gone and the PK Garden proved to be a HUGE success!  The kale stalks are taller than me and full of large, curly leaves.  This superfluous amount of nature’s top superfood can be used in sauces, salads, roasted chips, soups or even green smoothies.  Click on the photos above for recipes.

If you are wondering what makes this green, leafy vegetable so “super,” then click on the highlighted links below to check out posts from Well Being Secrets: Health Benefits of KaleHealth AmbitionsTop 10 Health Benefits of Juicing Kale, and Thrive CuisineAll About The Benefits of Kale.

After reading the long list of kale’s benefits, you will be running to the nearest farmer’s market or juice bar in search of it.



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