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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday…6 days away so that probably means brunch with the family.  Your new favorite morning eats will be simple and tasty for entertaining.  Want to bake a something sweet?  Try one of these [CLICK ON THE PHOTO FOR THE RECIPE LINK]

rsz_img_6800  img_1325

Raspberry Scone Loaf          Blueberry Scones

rsz_img_2737 rsz_img_2213

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread   Gluten-Free Banana Bread

If you are more interested in savory dishes, then try making eggs:

IMG_0801      rsz_img_0082

Omelets       OR         Individual Baked Zucchini Frittatas

Wishing you all a delicious & happy Mother’s Day!@

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