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photo credit: http://www.tastewiththeeyes.com

Taste With The Eyes

Cookbook Giveaway Lori Lynn Stokoe ~ chef~food photographer~blogger captured a few recipes from The Seasoned Plate Lori Lynn and I were introduced virtually by our mutual friend Peggy, and we decided to collaborate on...

Southwest Salad

Cukes, peppers, and romaine make a nice juicy salad with crunch…add black beans, avocado and dress it with Cilantro Vegan Buttermilk Ranch and suddenly it’s a Southwestern Salad served in a Guizzini platter from...

Veggie Meat(less) Balls

I am loving all the Meatless Monday vegetarian dishes since we’ve been dining in so much.  Both the eggplant and mushroom-zucchini versions are perfect with pasta and tomato sauce.

Rustic Pantry Pasta

This flavorful pasta has been a quarantine staple for us. It originated because I already had most of the ingredients in my pantry. . . . If you like this recipe and are hungry...