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The Seasoned Plate

 a collection of delicious and healthy real food recipes by the season


This cookbook is the result of a beautiful recipe: one of food, friendship, and wellness, told by the seasons. For about a year, Nicole would create a seasonal, vegetable-centric recipe once a week, and during the summer months, the produce for the recipes was literally harvested from her backyard– truly, organic-garden-to-plate dining. She and Claudia then styled the food in its true edible form–no tricks–and once they were satisfied with the visual appeal, Claudia photographed the dishes in natural, seasonal light. Once the photos had been taken, they sat at the kitchen table and consumed the fruits of their labors. After all, what can possibly be better than breaking bread with friends?



photo credit: Karla Livney, Causography

About the Authors

Nicole Putzel is a classically trained chef, recipe developer, cooking instructor and author of cooking blog PUTZELKITCHEN.COM. She is dedicated to cooking and sharing healthy, seasonal food made from scratch from her organic vegetable garden.

Claudia Chocano is a Peruvian photographer and medical Spanish interpreter who also holds degrees in psychology and holistic health coaching. She believes that good nutrition directly affects our mental and physical well-being, and it is crucial for prevention of future disease.