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The Seasoned Plate cookbook


THE Seasoned PLATE

is now available for purchase


This cookbook is the result of a beautiful recipe: one of food, friendship, and wellness, told by the season

For about a year, Nicole would create a seasonal, vegetable-centric recipe once a week, and during the summer months, the produce for the recipes was literally harvested from her backyard– truly, organic-garden-to-plate dining. She and Claudia then styled the food in its true edible form–no tricks–and once they were satisfied with the visual appeal, Claudia photographed the dishes in natural, seasonal light.
Once the photos had been taken, they sat at the kitchen table and consumed the fruits of their labors.

After all, what can possibly be better than breaking bread with friends?


“Just opened the package and saw your cookbook. Wow! So beautifully done! The recipes look delicious and the book is absolutely wonderful!!! I wish you much success and look forward to cooking many new dishes.” – David G.””

“Your cookbook is spectacular—and beautiful! I just spent an hour pouring over the recipes and am really impressed. It is regular food with a creative and healthy twist. I can’t wait to start experimenting with new combinations and will definitely take a copy to Maine, where I love to cook for family & friends.” – Ann B.

“Just picked up the book and am standing in my kitchen with my coat still on, flipping the pages, salivating, and eagerly wanting to try every dish!! I love to cook, my family loves to eat, and I love what I am reading and seeing! I can’t wait to use your recipes!” – Terri O.

“For someone who isn’t confident in the kitchen this cookbook feels so approachable yet gourmet.” – Sarah G.

“Your cookbook is honestly one of the most beautiful and functional ones I have ever seen. I’m truly impressed!!!” – Karen S.

“Your cookbook is beautiful and the recipes are amazing. The cover of the book is a great indication of what lies inside. The photos are great too and the one on the cover is perfect. There are so many recipes that I want to try…” – Joyce B.

“I’m looking forward to breathing some new life into my dinner offerings!” – Karen B.

“I can’t wait to start cooking with my daughter – she will love your book. I love the story of you and Claudia, and your beautiful heartfelt dedication to your family … the whole thing is amazing – I’m so in awe!! ” – Riva B.

“I know 2020 will be even better in our kitchen thanks to you.” – Alison L.

“Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of art with us! So excited to start exploring all the recipes in the new year.” – Stanley S.

“The book is incredible!!! Looks so fresh! ” – Amy S.

“What a remarkable experience to see all of those recipes and beautiful pictures in print!…I had a week to peruse the book. I even found recipes that don’t intimidate me and I can make and the pictures are very enticing!” – Evelyn C.






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