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The Seasoned Plate cookbook

  THE Seasoned PLATE is now available for purchase CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO ORDER A SIGNED COPY TODAY This cookbook is the result of a beautiful recipe: one of food, friendship, and wellness,...

Sheridan Road Magazine: Newsworthy

The Seasoned Plate cookbook featured in the December issue of Sheridan Road under Newsworthy: What’s Cooking?! and the online magazine. Newsworthy It is NOW available on Amazon or if you are interested in a...

Peruvian Chicken + Rice Soup

Oh baby it’s cold outside, and nothing warms the soul like Chicken Soup. This is a healthy twist on Peruvian chicken and rice soup a.k.a. Aguadito de Gallo. It’s quick, clean, comfort food.

Carrot Top Pesto

As the garden season is coming to a close, carrots are some of the last crops still thriving under the soil. I hate to waste the greens of these gorgeous root vegetables so I...

No Cream Corn Chowder

This corn chowder was first introduced to me by my mom Jacki.  It was inspired by Rosie Daley’s cookbook for Oprah.  It’s full of flavor, tastes creamy (but there’s NO CREAM), and is a...