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Beet Falafel Patties

I am loving these Beet Falafel Patties.  They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and flavor…plus, they are baked not fried!  You can eat them on a bed of greens or in a pita.

Arugula, Fennel, Radish Salad

Now that the weather is heating up, are you craving fresh, light dishes?  This summer garden salad with watermelon and feta fits the bill.  The juicy, crunchy veggies and watermelon are refreshing and full...

photo credit: http://www.tastewiththeeyes.com

Taste With The Eyes

Cookbook Giveaway Lori Lynn Stokoe ~ chef~food photographer~blogger captured a few recipes from The Seasoned Plate Lori Lynn and I were introduced virtually by our mutual friend Peggy, and we decided to collaborate on...

Southwest Salad

Cukes, peppers, and romaine make a nice juicy salad with crunch…add black beans, avocado and dress it with Cilantro Vegan Buttermilk Ranch and suddenly it’s a Southwestern Salad served in a Guizzini platter from...